Wedding band Essex - singers

Looking for a show-stopping wedding music band? Or a versatile party band for your function? No matter what the occasion, Blue Attic will deliver the goods, get your guests dancing and send them home smiling…

Here are some of the common questions we get asked. Need more information? Click on the links above, or just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.

Q. What is the lineup of the band ?

A. The full Blue Attic experience is a 9-piece group, including a 3 piece brass section and percussionist – just as you see in our live videos. However our most popular lineup is our 6-piece band, encompassing female vocals, lead guitar & vocals, saxophone, keyboards, bass and drums. Just get in touch to discuss your preferences and ideas for the event. We will work with you to plan the perfect set-up to meet your vision as well as your budget. Although the musicians you see in our promotional material will work with the band on most occasions, due to session and touring work, and illness, deps of a high standard may sometimes be used.

Q. How much do you charge ?

A. Our prices depend on a number of different factors: namely the type of event we will be performing at, how far we will need to travel – the band are all based in London – how long we will be required to perform and what equipment we will be expected to supply. Please give us as much information as possible when discussing your event to allow us to give you our most accurate quote.

Q. How far will you travel ?

A. Quite simply, the band will travel anywhere – a few years ago we spent a week in the mountains in Switzerland! However, the band are all based in London, so please bare in mind our prices will often depend on how far we’ll have to travel from this area. 

Q. How long do you usually play for ?

A. The band typically performs two 45-60 minute sets, with a short interval. Depending on requirements, this can be adapted to three 40 minute sets, though we generally find two sets works best.

Q. Can you supply PA and lights ?

A. Yes, we can supply PA and lights, though some venues may have their own in-house PA and lighting which may be more practical to use. For larger events of around 250 people upwards, we can either work with our partners to provide you with a suitable production setup, or will provide you with our own tech riders where you have a production team already in place.

In addition, we can also supply interval / background music, played on an iPod, which we will play before our first set and in any following interval breaks. 

Q. How long does it take you to set up ?

A. If we need to supply PA and lights, we would require around 60-90 minutes to set up and soundcheck, though if PA and lights are provided, we will be able to set in a shorter space of time. When planning your event, please make sure the band are given sufficient time to set up and soundcheck to ensure their best possible performance – a rushed setup can result in unbalanced sound, insufficient lighting, and uncomfortable musicians. However we will of course aim to set up as quickly as we can.

Please be aware that if the band is required to set up far in advance of our actual performance time this may affect our fee.

Q. How much space do you need to perform ?

A. We’d ideally need around 18 square metres, 6m x 3m (20′ x 10′). Should space be an issue please don’t worry, as we can more than likely adjust (as we have done many times in the past). The standard 6-piece band will of course take up less space than the larger 9-piece – however – in our experience, deciding on which sized band to choose usually comes down to budget, rather than available space. The core instruments of the band (drums, guitars, and keyboards) usually take up the most space, whereas singers and brass can ‘slot in’ to more easily.

Q. What happens if one of you is sick on the day ?

A. Although the musicians you see in our promotional material will work with the band on most occasions, sometimes emergencies do happen. Should an emergency occur, we work with a pool of equally capable dep musicians, fully rehearsed and ready to step into the breach at short notice, so will you never have to worry that the band won’t be able to perform, or that the quality of the band will be affected. Similarly, due to session and touring work, deps of a high standard may also be used.

Q. Do we need to provide you with food and drink ?

A. All we ask for in addition to our fee is that you can provide food and soft drinks for the band (and any associated crew, if applicable). Our working hours start from the minute we turn the key in the ignition in the car to leave for your event, which can often mean long hours with very few (if any) breaks. Whilst we don’t necessarily expect a sit down meal, a hot meal is preferred. For example – If you’re providing a buffet or similar for your event, many clients often let the band help themselves along with their other guests.

Q. Can we discuss your set / our first dance with you ?

A. Collectively the band have performed at hundreds of events over the years, in a wide variety of guises, so know exactly what it takes to get the party started. Through our years of experience we know exactly which songs to place where, with our sets being specifically tailored to make sure energy levels are sustained throughout the evening.

That being said, we do of course welcome you to note your personal favourites (and pet hates!); but any specific requests, including first dances, should be sent to the band a minimum of 28 days prior to the date of engagement. The band will do their very best to adhere to all requests, but cannot guarantee all will be performed.

Q. What kind of occasions is your music suited to ?

A. Our diverse repertoire is such that we play every kind of occasion imaginable! From 21st birthdays to gold and even platinum wedding anniversaries.